Salem Trial Courts

Two remaining components of this project are:

• Renovation of the Family and Probate Court. The initial study has been certified and the design phase is underway. We anticipate that the design will be completed in spring 2014 and renovation will begin in fall 2014. The project is expected to take 30 months. One positive development is that DCAM has now decided to remove the 1970 addition. A new addition will be added that is more in keeping with this historic nature of the 1909 building.

• Reuse of Superior Court and County Commissioners buildings. Legislation has been submitted to remove these three buildings from under DCAM’s auspices and place them under the Salem Redevelopment Authority. We will continue to work with all parties involved to ensure that the two historic facilities and the District Court are put to appropriate use on a timely basis.

*Photos of J. Michael Ruane Judicial Center courtesy of Daniel O'Connell's Sons, Inc.